Saturday, February 26, 2005

holy sh**

I am so sick right now. Honestly, wish I could just curl up under a rock and rot. But sadly obligations, dose up the dayquil and on we go.

There are some real assholes out there in the world, FYI. There's a message board that I've been reading (but I wouldn't dare post on it for reasons about to become clear) and the people there are the most arrogant SOB's that have ever walked the earth, I swear! If you didn't get over a 160 LSAT you're pond scum. I have read posts talking about if anyone actually knew someone who'd gotten a 145; like, anyone who dare score so low must be of below average intellect, and deserving of pity, but should never never actually apply to law school. Well, kiss my a$$. I don't test well, and I am certainly not below average!! I get to go to law school too, you horrible people. I will probably work harder, and do more with my law degree, than any of those self-righteous snobs. Honestly I hate them. And, to the URM's that post there--you're only getting into law schools because of your URM status!!!!!! Especially if you've got a less than stellar GPA or LSAT. Come on, think about it!!

Rant over for today.

And today's thought is,
"Resistance is not futile."

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Beautiful day!

February 22nd hasn't historically been a great day for me. While I am not going to write all the details, let's just say that in the past, bad things have happened. But today, nothing bad! Nice to have a plus in the column.

Gave a tour today at school that lasted almost two hours. Only two families; but they were really into the whole college tour thing, so they got more than "the usual treatment." But, I was exhausted when I was back in the office!

No law school news to report.

peace out

Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday Monday

Got the waitlist letter from Stetson on Saturday. And kind of bummed to be honest. I really thought that my high GPA would compensate for my shitty LSAT at least with them. I know I'm not going to make it into my top (remaining) choices, so this was a little of a downer.

Secret tapes of Bushie conversations has me thinking of that all time king of bullshit, Richard Nixon. He was so out-of-touch with reality his last days in office, and I see Shrubbie in pretty much the same place. He just doesn't seem to "get" so much, yet he has the attention of so many.

The kid's got strep AGAIN and now, Fifth's disease on top of it. Which sounds horrible, but all it is, is a rash that covers his body from the top down. It's fading now, but wow it was scary.

Some jackass kid in one of my classes today started in on the prof when he began the PC reference to mankind vs humankind thing. This is one instance where I happen to feel kind of strongly about word choices. There is no reason to alienate more than half the homo sapiens population, so why would the "hu-" ever get left off these days? And this snotnosed brat starts in on how it's of no import, that it makes no difference. Male of course. It's that kind of attitude that stops people from making positive progress towards true equality.

peace out

Thursday, February 17, 2005

What test?

Okay I'll be honest. I have done very little reading this semester. I just can't get motivated; all I have to do is pass every class, it's not like my grades really REALLY matter like they have before. So this morning I was in a bit of a crunch to catch up on like, eleven chapters for my economic history exam. And it turns out, I could have taken that test in my sleep, without having read any of that book. Well, first off, I am a history major, so I've had this material dozens of times already, but to give the prof her props, she does cover the stuff really well. So, yay, I'm confident about that test grade!

And now, off to my lovely two and a half hour night class. Yippee.

good gravy

Found out last night that my friend's dad died a couple of weeks ago. This is what happens when I don't have classes with people, life comes up and smacks everyone around. Massive heart attack. Sucks.

Still no mail for me. When will those law schools learn, they're missing out on Amazing Me?

So the window guy turned out to be a hottie. Married of course. But still a hottie. He did a good job, but he put a sign in the yard, like he just gets free advertising on our property because we paid him to install windows? Doesn't make any sense to me.

Got my first exam back yesterday, and the A- was sweet. This prof gives take-homes, and I hadn't done any of the reading until he gave us the tests last week. So, I'm feeling pretty good about the whole thing. Now we'll see if I can do that in another class, I've got two weeks, I think I'll be okay.

Of course I've got the econ exam today and I need to get to the book on that one. So, here's the thought for today. courtesy of Happy Bunny:
"Cute but psycho. Things even out."

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Yeah it's morning all right

Can't believe it's more than halfway through February already. Where the hell is all the time going? Like I have any to spare. Really.

Mom's having new windows put in the house today and the guy has spent the last half an hour talking on his cell phone while messing with the removal of one of the windows. Now, he's apparently doing all this by himself, so why can't he concentrate on doing it right instead of taking the chance on screwing up because he's distracted? I don't get it. Maybe he thinks he's multi-tasking.

HGTV's dream home contest closes tomorrow and while I've been entering online every day, I wonder if sending in a few postcards would be a fun waste of time and money. Since there is no way I'm actually going to win the damn thing, you know. It's one of those, "it's so nice to dream about winning" things. Like the lottery only so far it hasn't cost me anything. Of course if I do the postcard thing, that's $$. Even if not much.

Posted yesterday on the Intercot board the Question about Grandmother; what would happen if she died while we're on the cruise? People seem to think that the cruise line would get a helicopter to remove the body. But, that sounds to me like too much expense. Of course by asking the question there, and writing about it here, if something were to happen, I'd probably be investigated criminally! But I wouldn't/couldn't do anything to hurt her. I figure, this is covering the bases, so since I've asked, it won't happen. knock on wood...

At the moment I'm just killing time before I head out the door to work and school. Should be reviewing Econ, but am not. Yikes.

later taters

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I don't have a flatmate but...

This poor person NEEDS help!

and another thing...

If the guy in my philosophy of law class doesn't shut the hell up and let someone else have an opinion soon, I am going to beat him with a large stick!

and now, good night.

Day One Million

So it's the day after the Day of Love. I still haven't heard back from five schools. Son is complaining of his feet hurting (which is either growing pains or who knows). A test rapidly approaches in Econ History, and while I love the class, am I ready for the exam? Not even a little bit.

Work sucked, again. Much as I hate showing up every day, since it is the only income I've got right now, perhaps just grinning & bearing is in order? Oh yes, yes it is. FYI, I am "just a student worker" in my university's admissions office. That means, I have to answer the phones and emails, and any time I overstep my bounds and actually attempt to help someone, I get hosed. And they wonder why attitude becomes an issue with students working on campus!

I've applied to eight law schools; top two choices rejected, which at the time stung like hell, but in retro, I've decided I appreciate their prompt attention. One low-tier school accepted and YAY I am thrilled to know I am actually Going To Law School Somewhere, but I would much rather hear from another option. I think the mail lady is now convinced I'm stalking her.

As I suppose I should perhaps study for a mo' or two, I shall end this now with the following thought:
"Do not mess in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and good with ketchup." Best bumper sticker ever.