Saturday, February 26, 2005

holy sh**

I am so sick right now. Honestly, wish I could just curl up under a rock and rot. But sadly obligations, dose up the dayquil and on we go.

There are some real assholes out there in the world, FYI. There's a message board that I've been reading (but I wouldn't dare post on it for reasons about to become clear) and the people there are the most arrogant SOB's that have ever walked the earth, I swear! If you didn't get over a 160 LSAT you're pond scum. I have read posts talking about if anyone actually knew someone who'd gotten a 145; like, anyone who dare score so low must be of below average intellect, and deserving of pity, but should never never actually apply to law school. Well, kiss my a$$. I don't test well, and I am certainly not below average!! I get to go to law school too, you horrible people. I will probably work harder, and do more with my law degree, than any of those self-righteous snobs. Honestly I hate them. And, to the URM's that post there--you're only getting into law schools because of your URM status!!!!!! Especially if you've got a less than stellar GPA or LSAT. Come on, think about it!!

Rant over for today.

And today's thought is,
"Resistance is not futile."


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