Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Yeah it's morning all right

Can't believe it's more than halfway through February already. Where the hell is all the time going? Like I have any to spare. Really.

Mom's having new windows put in the house today and the guy has spent the last half an hour talking on his cell phone while messing with the removal of one of the windows. Now, he's apparently doing all this by himself, so why can't he concentrate on doing it right instead of taking the chance on screwing up because he's distracted? I don't get it. Maybe he thinks he's multi-tasking.

HGTV's dream home contest closes tomorrow and while I've been entering online every day, I wonder if sending in a few postcards would be a fun waste of time and money. Since there is no way I'm actually going to win the damn thing, you know. It's one of those, "it's so nice to dream about winning" things. Like the lottery only so far it hasn't cost me anything. Of course if I do the postcard thing, that's $$. Even if not much.

Posted yesterday on the Intercot board the Question about Grandmother; what would happen if she died while we're on the cruise? People seem to think that the cruise line would get a helicopter to remove the body. But, that sounds to me like too much expense. Of course by asking the question there, and writing about it here, if something were to happen, I'd probably be investigated criminally! But I wouldn't/couldn't do anything to hurt her. I figure, this is covering the bases, so since I've asked, it won't happen. knock on wood...

At the moment I'm just killing time before I head out the door to work and school. Should be reviewing Econ, but am not. Yikes.

later taters


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