Monday, February 21, 2005

Monday Monday

Got the waitlist letter from Stetson on Saturday. And kind of bummed to be honest. I really thought that my high GPA would compensate for my shitty LSAT at least with them. I know I'm not going to make it into my top (remaining) choices, so this was a little of a downer.

Secret tapes of Bushie conversations has me thinking of that all time king of bullshit, Richard Nixon. He was so out-of-touch with reality his last days in office, and I see Shrubbie in pretty much the same place. He just doesn't seem to "get" so much, yet he has the attention of so many.

The kid's got strep AGAIN and now, Fifth's disease on top of it. Which sounds horrible, but all it is, is a rash that covers his body from the top down. It's fading now, but wow it was scary.

Some jackass kid in one of my classes today started in on the prof when he began the PC reference to mankind vs humankind thing. This is one instance where I happen to feel kind of strongly about word choices. There is no reason to alienate more than half the homo sapiens population, so why would the "hu-" ever get left off these days? And this snotnosed brat starts in on how it's of no import, that it makes no difference. Male of course. It's that kind of attitude that stops people from making positive progress towards true equality.

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