Monday, March 07, 2005

gross, but a relief

I broke my right big toe the Sunday after Thanksgiving. That was fourteen weeks ago and a day. I've never been in such pain (and I've given birth--thank you drugs!). The toenail turned black and I thought it was the grossest, nastiest thing I've ever seen. Well yesterday, that nasty thing came right the heck off. The nail underneath is so pathetic! But at least the nasty black one is gone.

Spring vacation is a hevenly wonderful thing. I SO don't want to go back....good thing I've got a few days left to enjoy.

They're calling for the possibility of snow tonight. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO........

Thursday, March 03, 2005

what's in your wallet?

Got a Capital One offer yesterday. To my knowledge, the only way to get a CapOne card is if they send you an invitation to apply, as there is no way to do it through their website; anyways, since I only have one CC, I went for it and was approved. Yay me. Now, this sounds pretty stupid from the outside, but I used to have really awfully bad credit, and have spent years trying to rebuild a decent rating. This means that it's finally working. It is a major relief, because I'm about to ask for thousands of dollars in law school loans, and now perhaps will be able to borrow enough to pay for my upcoming legal education (or, as a prof would say, "make the investment").

Had an exam in Commercial Law tonight, and I was the first one finished. This makes me very, very nervous. But I didn't have anything else to say, what was I supposed to do, sit there and chew my pencil? When I was in high school it was such a competition, to see who could finish first, like it was a game or something. Now it's completely the opposite, almost like taking the most time to write an exam makes you a better student or something equally asinine.

And now, off to write my last mid term exam, due in roughly 17 hours. Whoohoo.

peace out